Loving HELLA

It has been ten years since the first Hella release!!

Hold Your Horse Is was distributed via 5 Rue Christine and Frenetic Records on March 19, 2002. This recording is one of the true masterpieces in human history. Preceding HYHI was a demo, Leather Diamond, and many live performances. With the release of their debut record, Hella became established as a monumental force in recorded and live music. After a lull of almost five years, last year brought their fifteenth release, Tripper, with hopefully many more to follow.

To honor Hella's indescribably phenomenal music and to show appreciation for the incomparable people known as Spencer Seim and Zach Hill (collectively, Dan Elkan, Jonathan Hischke, Aaron Ross, Josh Hill, Carson McWhirter and Joe Meade), I have asked some fans of the band to share their thoughts. I initially requested a description of their first time hearing Hold Your Horse Is and let the respondents improvise from there. During each day this week, I will post one or two of these missives.

Hella is THE BEST.

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