HELLA's first album since There's No 666 in Outer Space comes out merely one month from now!!!!

The four year and seven month recording hiatus is over, with Hella reverting to their original duo form and unleashing Tripper upon the world. This music will obviously be more incredible than any words can describe, so just get it!!!!

01. Headless 
02. Self Checkout 
03. Long Hair 
04. Yubacore 
05. Netgear 
06. Kid Life Crisis 
07. On the Record 
08. Furthest 
09. Psycho Bro 
10. Osaka

Tripper, available on LP and CD via Sargent House, can be pre-ordered in several different ways. Sargent House will be shipping orders around August 15th.


Death Grips in Crooklyn

07/24/11 is the last of Death Grips' scheduled New York performances. They are part of Rock Beach, which is happening at Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn, NY. As of now, their next show is 08/20/11 in Los Angeles, CA as part of Mad Decent Block Party. Do not miss the onslaught.


Death Grips Secret Show in Brooklyn

After their first NY appearance yesterday, Death Grips has announced that they will be playing 07/22/11 at Market Hotel in Brooklyn, NY. Their set time is 1AM. 

At some point on 07/21/11, the show was briefly alluded to through the Death Grips twitter profile but the post was pulled almost immediately. However, they did post the confirmation within this past hour, making this the second secret show of their brief career.

(I am going to count this show as 07/23/11, since they start playing at 1AM.)


Death Grips at Santos Party House

DEATH GRIPS venture out of California for the first time, playing tonight at Santos Party House in Manhattan. Anyone who is even remotely close to this venue must attend.

Here is their latest video.... "Beware":


Zach Hill and Delicate Steve perform "Many Moods"

`M A N Y M O O D S`

** All Proceeds go to The Japan Chernobyl Foundation (JCF). **
We're very happy to get the chance to help the JCF with this song. We set it up as a 'pay what you will' download, with all proceeds going to the Japan Chernobyl Foundation. Any donation would mean a lot to the organization who are currently very active in the earthquake and nuclear accident relief effort. You can read more about it here: jcf.ne.jp/about/about7.html. The track is also available as a free download. Thanks for listening~~~"

This song is excellent and by donating as much as you can, you'll be greatly helping others. Hit it up HERE and let's hope these two bust out some more music very soon.

Four Death Grips Dates

DEATH GRIPS will be slaughtering the following cities:

07/21/11 at Santos Party House in New York, NY



"In 2011 the legendary Boredoms have been recording a new album. Their performance will be very rare and entirely new to the UK. Eye will play a sensor from the center of the drummers, less a conductor and more the nexus of an energy orb. Music and performance are intertwined and for the boredoms it is a living and breathing whole. A being, greater than the some of it's parts, and ever evolving. Join the experience and be part of the evolution. It will change how you listen to and how you see music and musical performance."

Vooredoms will play at All Tomorrow's Parties curated by Jeff Mangum in Minehead, UK at Butlins Holiday centre between 12/02/11 and 12/04/11. It should be known that Zach has been a permanent member of V∞redoms aka Boredoms since August 08, 2008 when he performed as part of 88BoaDrum at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, California.