Zach on new Spoek Mathambo EP

Spoek Mathambo's new EP, Put Some Red On It, will be released tomorrow via Sub Pop. Zach is featured on the song "Dog To Bone". There is also a remix of this song on the EP. The initial information regarding the album stated that it will be a digital EP with no mention of a tangible version.


Death Grips - Five UK shows

Death Grips continues their world domination! After playing their first show outside of the US on friday in Montreal, they venture to the UK for five consecutive shows. Here are the dates:

Click any of the dates for more detailed information. These are the only scheduled performances until they perform at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX on 11/05/11. Death Grips' first full US tour is expected to be announced soon. As always, look in the UPCOMING section of this site for the most current information regarding Zach's album and touring schedule.


Death Grips - Exmilitary cassette & vinyl // shirts

As mentioned in a previous post, Exmilitary is being released on cassette and it is available NOW!!! Not only will the first Death Grips album be available in this medium but a vinyl version is also happening. Exmilitary on vinyl is up for pre-order and expected to be shipped around November 1. There are also three different shirts.

Hit up deathgrips.hellomerch.com for all of this wonderful merchandise. It seems that these items are being self-released as there is no label information coinciding with the announcement.


Death Grips - Black Google//Shows//Exmilitary cassette//Members//Goofi Respect

This will be a Death Grips megapost.

01. Black Google

Black Google, the new album from Death Grips, is the "portal to the deconstuction of Exmilitary". This album is a collection of a cappella, drum, FX, bass, guitar, synth, keyboard, e-drum and instrumental tracks for every song (except "Cut Throat") on Exmilitary. It is available via thirdworlds.net, as all of their releases will be. Click this sentence to get it now!!!!

02. Shows

This is the official list of all upcoming Death Grips live performances:
09/23/11 Montreal, QC at Club Lambi
09/25/11 London, UK at XOYO
09/27/11 Manchester, UK at Islington Hall
09/28/11 Leeds, UK at Nation of Shopkeepers
09/29/11 Glasgow, UK at Captain's Rest  
11/05/11 Austin, TX at Auditorium Shores as part of Fun Fun Fun Fest

A full US tour, taking place during October and November, is expected to be announced soon!!!!

03. Exmilitary cassette

"just got my hands on Death Grips first hard copy release of Exmilitary..." via lifeboy916 on Twitter 08/02/11

I have no idea when or how this cassette will be issued but it looks fantastic. LONG LIVE TAPES!!

04. Members

There seems to be a decent amount of confusion surrounding who is actually in this group. According to Death Grips' soundcloud page, these are the members: Flatlander, Info Warrior, Ex Military, Xach Hill, Ride, Mexican Girl and Tent City. Adding to this confusion, it seems that Ex Military and Tent City may not be names of people.

05. Goofi Respect

The internet only song, "Full Moon (Death Classic)", utilizes a sample from "Goofi Respect" on Zach's Lil Scuzzy EP. If you have not heard said EP, I suggest you do as quickly as possible.

"Goofi Respect":

"Full Moon (Death Classic)":


Zach related albums on sale at Sargent House

by- by bygones, Face Tat by Zach and Tripper by Hella are part of a special sale happening this month through Sargent House!! Three titles in LP format for only $30 or on CD for only $20, with the option to add any Zach related shirt for $15. These albums are all absolutely phenomenal so if you don't have this music for some reason, you best gobble them on up. Click this pic for linkage to buy: