The Money Store by Death Grips

The first of two new Death Grips albums, The Money Store, will be released on CD via Epic Records on 04/24/12. A vinyl version will be available on 04/21/12.

Death Grips - "Get Got"

Death Grips - "Blackjack"


TWO new Death Grips albums this year!!

Apparently, Death Grips have been going at it in the studio harder than I intially thought. They have come up with enough material for TWO new full length records!! Both albums will be out this year, with the first one coming in April. In interviews, it has been stated that all Death Grips music will be made available for free download on thirdworlds.net with some kind of tangible release later on.


Upcoming Releases

There are a few vague references from different sources claiming that Vooredoms (Boredoms) have been working on a new record. Considering Zach has been a member of the band since 2008, it is safe to assume that he will be on this album but that is completely unconfirmed.

Zach has a solo album coming out on Porter Records which will be released on limited edition vinyl!!!! Porter initially had this album listed as being available on CD and LP but the CD information has been removed from their catalog.

Nervous Cop has finished an EP though I'm having trouble finding any talk of it now. It was mentioned on a2b2.org a while ago but that information has since vanished.

Death Grips will be releasing their second album this year.

These four albums do not currently have official release dates.

UPDATE: On 02/07/11, Death Grips announced that they will be releasing TWO new records this year!!

FACE TAT with one bonus song!!

While looking through discogs.com, I noticed that there is an alternate release of FACE TAT!! It came out in Japan via Sleepwell Records and Daymare Recordings and there is one extra song at the end called "Fake-ID"!!!! Another difference is that the cover image is given an entirely orange hue or (more likely) it comes in an orange CD case instead of clear. I'm working on getting a copy but if anyone has one now or plans on getting one, please report on "Fake-ID" when you get a chance.

Death Grips 2012

After having to cancel their Australian tour and one Toronto show, this is the current schedule of upcoming Death Grips performances:

04/13/12 Indio, CA at Empire Polo Club as part of Coachella
04/20/12 Indio, CA at Empire Polo Club as part of Coachella
06/02/12 London, UK at Victoria Park as part of Field Day Festival 

Death Grips have been working on a new LP which will be released this year.

The Bug, a project by Kevin Martin, will feature Death Grips as a guest on his upcoming LP.