Flössin - White Anaconda + The Rainbow Boa

The third release from Flössin, White Anaconda + The Rainbow Boa, is now available through overlap.org's bandcamp site. This album features the same line-up as Serpents: Zach Hill, Christopher Willits, Carson McWhirter, Matmos and Nate Boyce. Anyone familiar with this group's music knows the new album will destroy in all ways. If you don't know the might of Flössin, please get all three of their albums as soon as possible. This is one of Zach's longest running projects and each release is outstanding.



Posted 12/01/11 via Christopher Willits:

"Mastering the newest Flössin tracks right now. This is my band project with ZACH HILL and Matmos and Nate Boyce and Carson McWhirter. Complex mixes to say the least.. whoa. There's so much sound that it becomes a relaxing wash of noise."

What a glorious surprise! This will be the third release from the force to be reckoned with known as Flössin. If you don't have their two incredible albums, Lead Singer and Serpents, get them NOW!!! The new album is currently untitled and will be available from overlap.org very soon.



On 11/11/11, Vooredoms (Boredoms) will present 111Boadrum, a performance featuring eleven drummers and one hundred cymbal players. It will take place at Island Quarry in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. This is the fifth event in their Boadrum series which began on 07/07/07 with 77Boadrum

From 1986 to 2002, Boredoms were a very guitar driven band. Later in their career, highlighted in the Super Roots series, they moved towards a tribal sound. Ultimately, they transformed into Vredoms, a group consisting of three drummers and eYe Yamatsuka manipulating various sounds and vocals. The earliest performances included a solo intro by eYe using orbs to project sounds. This unit developed a monstrous piece of music, culminating in the first Boadrum event in 2007. They chose seventy-four drummers to go with their core of three, having a total of seventy-seven drummers perfoming an intricately crafted composition. Rhythms were passed from each musician until they were all playing in unison with many different beats being played simulatenously as the passing overlapped. The second event, 88Boadrum, featured eighty-eight drummers, with Zach being number eighty-eight. This event expanded on the original music and theme, with performances in Los Angeles and Brooklyn blending into each other on 08/08/08. Boadrum 9 and 10 were cut down to 9 and 10 drummers, which has been the main line up for any show they have played since 09/09/09. Zach has been a part of this band since 88Boadrum on 08/08/08 in Los Angeles, CA at the La Brea Tar Pits.


Death Grips and Kool Keith TONIGHT

That's right, mofos! Death Grips are doing a show with the best rapper/producer to ever live, KOOL KEITH!! This mega event takes place in Austin, TX at Empire Automotive Service and doors open a few hours from now. I hope this leads to a Zach/Keith collaboration!!!!


ATP curated by Jeff Mangum postponed

Vooredoms were scheduled to play at All Tomorrow's Parties curated by Jeff Mangum, with the original dates of 12/02/11 - 12/04/11. According to ATP, this event has been re-scheduled to 03/09/12 - 03/11/12 "due to a set of extremely unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances." It will be held at the same venue, Butlins Holiday Centre in Minehead, UK. ATP has also stated that they will need to confirm with every band to see if they will be able to perform at the re-scheduled festival. I will keep up to date with this. 

Death Grips schedule

Contrary to a previous report, Death Grips will not be performing two sets at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX. Instead, they have a show on 11/04/11 in Austin, TX at Empire Automotive as part of Fun Fun Fun Fest Nites. Death Grips will be opening for the absolute legend known as KOOL KEITH!!! Their set for Fun Fun Fun Fest is on 11/05/11. Along with these dates, three more California dates have been announced. 

Complete list of current Death Grips performances:
11/04/11 Austin, TX at Empire Automotive
11/05/11 Austin, TX at Auditorium Shores as part of Fun Fun Fun Fest
11/21/11 San Diego, CA at The Casbah
11/22/11 Los Angeles, CA at The Echo
11/23/11 San Francisco, CA at 330 Ritch Street

Don't forget to pick up the cassette and vinyl editions of Exmilitary through Hello Merch. They also have some def shirts.


Zach Hill solo album on Porter Records next year!!!

While perusing the online release catalog of Porter Records, I noticed that Zach is scheduled to release a new album through them next year!!! As of now, the title is listed as "Solo" and it will be available on LP (PRLP-020) and CD (PRCD-4064). You should be familiar with this phenomenal label for releasing Who Do You Think You Aren't? by Robby Moncrieff and Aggressively Humble by CHLL PLL, amongst other fantastic recordings.

This is massive news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Death Grips - two shows at Fun Fun Fun Fest // vinyl delayed

Death Grips announced that they will be playing two sets, 11/04/11 and 11/05/11, at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX. Tons of other groups are playing, such as Cannibal Corpse, Slayer and Public Enemy.

The vinyl version of Exmilitary, available via Hello Merch, has been delayed until 11/21/11. The cassette version and Death Grips shirts are available now and will be shipped immediately.


I have decided to remove all occurances of plus signs (+) throughout the site. This symbol was used for the old site as a way to create lists, due to the hideous page layout myspace forced on users. More importantly, the "Group Works" and "Contributions" sections now have links for every entry. I try to find the most informative sites to link to. Any red text you see is a link elsewhere. The "Live Perfomances" section will be completed soon.


Zach on new Spoek Mathambo EP

Spoek Mathambo's new EP, Put Some Red On It, will be released tomorrow via Sub Pop. Zach is featured on the song "Dog To Bone". There is also a remix of this song on the EP. The initial information regarding the album stated that it will be a digital EP with no mention of a tangible version.


Death Grips - Five UK shows

Death Grips continues their world domination! After playing their first show outside of the US on friday in Montreal, they venture to the UK for five consecutive shows. Here are the dates:

Click any of the dates for more detailed information. These are the only scheduled performances until they perform at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX on 11/05/11. Death Grips' first full US tour is expected to be announced soon. As always, look in the UPCOMING section of this site for the most current information regarding Zach's album and touring schedule.


Death Grips - Exmilitary cassette & vinyl // shirts

As mentioned in a previous post, Exmilitary is being released on cassette and it is available NOW!!! Not only will the first Death Grips album be available in this medium but a vinyl version is also happening. Exmilitary on vinyl is up for pre-order and expected to be shipped around November 1. There are also three different shirts.

Hit up deathgrips.hellomerch.com for all of this wonderful merchandise. It seems that these items are being self-released as there is no label information coinciding with the announcement.


Death Grips - Black Google//Shows//Exmilitary cassette//Members//Goofi Respect

This will be a Death Grips megapost.

01. Black Google

Black Google, the new album from Death Grips, is the "portal to the deconstuction of Exmilitary". This album is a collection of a cappella, drum, FX, bass, guitar, synth, keyboard, e-drum and instrumental tracks for every song (except "Cut Throat") on Exmilitary. It is available via thirdworlds.net, as all of their releases will be. Click this sentence to get it now!!!!

02. Shows

This is the official list of all upcoming Death Grips live performances:
09/23/11 Montreal, QC at Club Lambi
09/25/11 London, UK at XOYO
09/27/11 Manchester, UK at Islington Hall
09/28/11 Leeds, UK at Nation of Shopkeepers
09/29/11 Glasgow, UK at Captain's Rest  
11/05/11 Austin, TX at Auditorium Shores as part of Fun Fun Fun Fest

A full US tour, taking place during October and November, is expected to be announced soon!!!!

03. Exmilitary cassette

"just got my hands on Death Grips first hard copy release of Exmilitary..." via lifeboy916 on Twitter 08/02/11

I have no idea when or how this cassette will be issued but it looks fantastic. LONG LIVE TAPES!!

04. Members

There seems to be a decent amount of confusion surrounding who is actually in this group. According to Death Grips' soundcloud page, these are the members: Flatlander, Info Warrior, Ex Military, Xach Hill, Ride, Mexican Girl and Tent City. Adding to this confusion, it seems that Ex Military and Tent City may not be names of people.

05. Goofi Respect

The internet only song, "Full Moon (Death Classic)", utilizes a sample from "Goofi Respect" on Zach's Lil Scuzzy EP. If you have not heard said EP, I suggest you do as quickly as possible.

"Goofi Respect":

"Full Moon (Death Classic)":


Zach related albums on sale at Sargent House

by- by bygones, Face Tat by Zach and Tripper by Hella are part of a special sale happening this month through Sargent House!! Three titles in LP format for only $30 or on CD for only $20, with the option to add any Zach related shirt for $15. These albums are all absolutely phenomenal so if you don't have this music for some reason, you best gobble them on up. Click this pic for linkage to buy:



The four year and seven month wait is finally over!!! This time period felt like the complete vanishing of the world's finest band but TRIPPER is now available everywhere and it is even more glorious than anyone could imagine. Hella makes an absolutely gargantuan return with their first album since There's No 666 in Outer Space, marking a distinct new chapter in their legendary catalog.


...except the digital version which is out RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

Click the above red words to get it... or HERE... or HERE... or even HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When Hella's debut record, Hold Your Horse Is, was unveiled on March 19, 2002, the greatest band in history was introduced to the world. The two people known as Spencer Seim and Zach Hill created a sound that had never been heard before. That one record alone showed an indescribable concoction of musical ability and outright genius, with each consequent album revealing new directions and techniques. An impressive string of releases in various formats occured over five years. On January 30, 2007, their final masterpiece was released, There's No 666 in Outer Space. Tragically, their output seemed to end when they finally realized their initial vision of being a five piece band.

Luckily for the world, Spencer and Zach have decided to once again join forces as a duo to enlighten minds and obliterate aural categorization. Tripper will come out on CD and LP via Sargent House one week from now, August 30, 2011. This album comes almost five years after their last one. In recognition of this monumental occasion, I will post songs from their mammoth career.

"Biblical Violence" from Leather Diamond

"Been a Long Time Cousin" from Hold Your Horse Is 

"It's-Go-In" from Falam Dynasty

"Bitches Aint Shit but Good People" from Bitches Aint Shit but Good People

"Who Ray" from Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bass

"Better Get a Broom!" from Live (split with Dilute)

"Suistyle" from The Devil Isn't Red

"Stephen Hawking Has a Posse" from Div/orce Vol. 1 (split with Four Tet)

"Cafeteria Bananas" from Acoustics

"Dance of the Drunken Siberian" from You've Got Your Orders Volume 1 (Chrome Peeler compilation)

"Earth's First Evening Jimi Hendrix-less and Pissed (Movement 8)" from Church Gone Wild

"Song From Uncle" from Chiprin' Hard

"If I Were in Hella I Would Eat Lick" from Homeboy

"Meth Leper" from Slaying Since 1996 (Suicide Squeeze compilation)

"Friday the 13th" from Family Album (Grass Roots Record Company compilation)

"Dull Fangs" from There's No 666 in Outer Space

"Headless" from Tripper


Spoek Mathambo and Zach Hill - "Dog to Bone"

Zach recently did drums for a song by Spoek Mathambo. It is called "Dog to Bone" and will appear on Put Some Red On It, an EP to be released by Sub Pop. Spoek is described as a "Rapper/DJ/Graphic Designer/Illustrator" who is from South Africa. The official information states that this EP would be released digitally in late July but there is currently only one song available, entitled "Put Some Red On It".


Sol Invicto with Zach - Initium EP

Sol Invicto have finally released their EP with Zach!! The 21 minute piece, entitled Initium (originally known as Unidose), was made available to members of the Sol Invicto mailing list just a few minutes ago. The first mention of this collaboration was in 2008, though the reason for such a long delay is unknown.

The members of Sol Invicto are Stephen Carpenter (Deftones), Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill), Richie Londres and AJ Cookson.


Death Grips in Oakland, Austin and the UK

After obliterating the east coast, Death Grips travel back to their homeland and onto some uncharted territory. Here is a full list of all of their upcoming shows, including two just announced:

They will be playing the UK in September 2011, though the dates and venues are unknown at this point.

Death Grips - Guillotine (It Goes YAH)
07/21/11 New York, NY at Santos Party House:

Death Grips - Beware
07/23/11 Brooklyn, NY at Market Hotel:



HELLA's first album since There's No 666 in Outer Space comes out merely one month from now!!!!

The four year and seven month recording hiatus is over, with Hella reverting to their original duo form and unleashing Tripper upon the world. This music will obviously be more incredible than any words can describe, so just get it!!!!

01. Headless 
02. Self Checkout 
03. Long Hair 
04. Yubacore 
05. Netgear 
06. Kid Life Crisis 
07. On the Record 
08. Furthest 
09. Psycho Bro 
10. Osaka

Tripper, available on LP and CD via Sargent House, can be pre-ordered in several different ways. Sargent House will be shipping orders around August 15th.


Death Grips in Crooklyn

07/24/11 is the last of Death Grips' scheduled New York performances. They are part of Rock Beach, which is happening at Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn, NY. As of now, their next show is 08/20/11 in Los Angeles, CA as part of Mad Decent Block Party. Do not miss the onslaught.


Death Grips Secret Show in Brooklyn

After their first NY appearance yesterday, Death Grips has announced that they will be playing 07/22/11 at Market Hotel in Brooklyn, NY. Their set time is 1AM. 

At some point on 07/21/11, the show was briefly alluded to through the Death Grips twitter profile but the post was pulled almost immediately. However, they did post the confirmation within this past hour, making this the second secret show of their brief career.

(I am going to count this show as 07/23/11, since they start playing at 1AM.)


Death Grips at Santos Party House

DEATH GRIPS venture out of California for the first time, playing tonight at Santos Party House in Manhattan. Anyone who is even remotely close to this venue must attend.

Here is their latest video.... "Beware":


Zach Hill and Delicate Steve perform "Many Moods"

`M A N Y M O O D S`

** All Proceeds go to The Japan Chernobyl Foundation (JCF). **
We're very happy to get the chance to help the JCF with this song. We set it up as a 'pay what you will' download, with all proceeds going to the Japan Chernobyl Foundation. Any donation would mean a lot to the organization who are currently very active in the earthquake and nuclear accident relief effort. You can read more about it here: jcf.ne.jp/about/about7.html. The track is also available as a free download. Thanks for listening~~~"

This song is excellent and by donating as much as you can, you'll be greatly helping others. Hit it up HERE and let's hope these two bust out some more music very soon.

Four Death Grips Dates

DEATH GRIPS will be slaughtering the following cities:

07/21/11 at Santos Party House in New York, NY



"In 2011 the legendary Boredoms have been recording a new album. Their performance will be very rare and entirely new to the UK. Eye will play a sensor from the center of the drummers, less a conductor and more the nexus of an energy orb. Music and performance are intertwined and for the boredoms it is a living and breathing whole. A being, greater than the some of it's parts, and ever evolving. Join the experience and be part of the evolution. It will change how you listen to and how you see music and musical performance."

Vooredoms will play at All Tomorrow's Parties curated by Jeff Mangum in Minehead, UK at Butlins Holiday centre between 12/02/11 and 12/04/11. It should be known that Zach has been a permanent member of V∞redoms aka Boredoms since August 08, 2008 when he performed as part of 88BoaDrum at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, California.



Criminal level crunk lightning storm

The maniacal Death Grips performed a secret show on 06/05/11 in Sacramento, CA at Press Club. This was their debut live event and done very low-key. Two of the lucky heads in attendance recorded the mayhem....

Guillotine (It Goes YAH)

Lord of the Game

Takyon (Death Yon)

I Want It I Need It (Death Heated)

Spread Eagle Cross the Block




01. Headless
02. Self Checkout
03. Long Hair
04. Yubacore
05. Netgear
06. Kid Life Crisis
07. On the Record
08. Furthest
09. Psycho Bro
10. Osaka



Greetings innernette surfers,

Thank you for deciding to look here. Most of the people doing so will probably remember the site called Leaving the Arena of Anthropology over on the cyber wasteland known as myspace. Well, that place has finally become a completely dysfunctional travesty and I can no longer use it. Immediately after beginning this new site, the advantages were obvious and I plan on being more thorough than ever. 

I have all of Zach's career information broken up amongst tabs and it is much easier to read. I'll also put up some 'special' tabs every now and then, such as the one that is up now for the fan made Hella "Untitled" videos. The tab labelled UPCOMING will have information about any shows and albums that are happening soon. Please give me any suggestions or send me information that is missing. I'm also considering putting up a tab for full tours, such as all of Hella's dates, Marnie 2007, Necromancer, duos with Mick Barr, Carson McWhirter, Nick Reinhart, Team Sleep, Wavves, etc. Right now, most of that information is listed in the Live Performances tab but it might be getting a bit long.

This database began so I could keep up with everything Zach was doing. It became public when I noticed many albums were coming out which weren't getting proper recognition. The essence of this is that I have no other way to express my gratitude to Zach, there aren't enough words. It's my gesture of love to a person I consider to be the greatest musician in human history and one of the best people, overall. Thanks again for hitting this up and, most importantly, to Zach.

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