trivia contest for a free copy of No Love Deep Web vinyl

The first Death Grips song, "Full Moon (Death Classic)", was suddenly released on March 08, 2011. On March 08 of this year, I will post twenty questions pertaining to Zach Hill's career. This will be a traditional type of trivia contest. Entries will be accepted until March 15. The person who accumulates the most correct answers will receive a free vinyl copy of No Love Deep Web by Death Grips. This is the second pressing aka the "black bag" version, which was released on 11/19/13 via Third Worlds/Harvest and limited to 1500 copies. 

If there are multiple winners, a tie breaker or random drawing will be devised.


Zach has posted seven new videos to his facebook page. Each video shows him performing a different Death Grips song, adding cymbals back to his set. The songs are "Guillotine (It Goes Yah)", "Lock Your Doors", "Full Moon (Death Classic)", "Lost Boys", "Anne Bonny", "The Fever (Aye Aye)" and "Come Up and Get Me". These performances could be in preparation for the upcoming DG summer tour that Zach recently mentioned. To see the videos, click these words: facebook.com/zachhillmusic