On 11/11/11, Vooredoms (Boredoms) will present 111Boadrum, a performance featuring eleven drummers and one hundred cymbal players. It will take place at Island Quarry in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. This is the fifth event in their Boadrum series which began on 07/07/07 with 77Boadrum

From 1986 to 2002, Boredoms were a very guitar driven band. Later in their career, highlighted in the Super Roots series, they moved towards a tribal sound. Ultimately, they transformed into Vredoms, a group consisting of three drummers and eYe Yamatsuka manipulating various sounds and vocals. The earliest performances included a solo intro by eYe using orbs to project sounds. This unit developed a monstrous piece of music, culminating in the first Boadrum event in 2007. They chose seventy-four drummers to go with their core of three, having a total of seventy-seven drummers perfoming an intricately crafted composition. Rhythms were passed from each musician until they were all playing in unison with many different beats being played simulatenously as the passing overlapped. The second event, 88Boadrum, featured eighty-eight drummers, with Zach being number eighty-eight. This event expanded on the original music and theme, with performances in Los Angeles and Brooklyn blending into each other on 08/08/08. Boadrum 9 and 10 were cut down to 9 and 10 drummers, which has been the main line up for any show they have played since 09/09/09. Zach has been a part of this band since 88Boadrum on 08/08/08 in Los Angeles, CA at the La Brea Tar Pits.


Death Grips and Kool Keith TONIGHT

That's right, mofos! Death Grips are doing a show with the best rapper/producer to ever live, KOOL KEITH!! This mega event takes place in Austin, TX at Empire Automotive Service and doors open a few hours from now. I hope this leads to a Zach/Keith collaboration!!!!