Greetings innernette surfers,

Thank you for deciding to look here. Most of the people doing so will probably remember the site called Leaving the Arena of Anthropology over on the cyber wasteland known as myspace. Well, that place has finally become a completely dysfunctional travesty and I can no longer use it. Immediately after beginning this new site, the advantages were obvious and I plan on being more thorough than ever. 

I have all of Zach's career information broken up amongst tabs and it is much easier to read. I'll also put up some 'special' tabs every now and then, such as the one that is up now for the fan made Hella "Untitled" videos. The tab labelled UPCOMING will have information about any shows and albums that are happening soon. Please give me any suggestions or send me information that is missing. I'm also considering putting up a tab for full tours, such as all of Hella's dates, Marnie 2007, Necromancer, duos with Mick Barr, Carson McWhirter, Nick Reinhart, Team Sleep, Wavves, etc. Right now, most of that information is listed in the Live Performances tab but it might be getting a bit long.

This database began so I could keep up with everything Zach was doing. It became public when I noticed many albums were coming out which weren't getting proper recognition. The essence of this is that I have no other way to express my gratitude to Zach, there aren't enough words. It's my gesture of love to a person I consider to be the greatest musician in human history and one of the best people, overall. Thanks again for hitting this up and, most importantly, to Zach.

- Mark


  1. nice work. as far as Hella goes you may not be aware of this http://www.myspace.com/video/vid/58351483

    as a seemingly obsessive Zach Hill fan, maybe you can help me out. i once read an awesome interview where Spencer and Zach talked about meeting up in a punk rock house after they ran away from their homes or something. do you know what i'm talking about?

  2. Here's the "Untitled" vid I did if you wanna put it up:


  3. Anon - Thank you! I have seen that movie but I don't have it listed because it is not "official". Hella obviously knows about it yet I haven't seen or heard either of them acknowledge it as part of Hella's catalog. Should I stop being so strict and just add it? I do remember reading that interview you mentioned, though I can't recall where, either. I've meant to compile various interviews for the site, so maybe I should start doing that.

    Dustin - I'll definitely add it, looks great to me!

  4. Dillon Edwards6/27/11, 6:41 PM

    Hi Mark-(and everybody else)

    I am wondering if you are aware of any of Zach's custom equipment? I am trying to downsize my drum kit and the one he used for his necromancer tour is ideal. It has a very small half bass and toms with a natural dark wood finish. If you have any information on the type of kit or where to purchased, I would greatly appreciate it.