Twenty Zach Hill Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

I posted these albums on twitter and it seems some people would like to see them as a complete list.

Twenty Zach Hill Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

20. Damsel - Distressed [Temporary Residence, 2006]
19. Flössin - Lead Singer [Ache, 2004]
18. Legs on Earth - Lasers and Saviors [Para-Sight, 1999]
17. Hella - There's No 666 in Outer Space [Ipecac, 2007]
16. Tough Guy Fantasy / Arctic Boyz - Thank Gods It's Friday / Louisiana Purchase [Frenetic, 2005]
15. Marnie Stern - In Advance of the Broken Arm [Kill Rock Stars, 2007]
14. Diamond Watch Wrists - Ice Capped at Both Ends [Warp, 2009]
13. CHLL PLL - Aggressively Humble [Porter, 2009]
12. Nervous Cop - Nervous Cop [5 Rue Christine, 2003]
11. Robby Moncrieff - Who Do You Think You Aren't? [Porter, 2010]
10. bygones - by- [Sargent House, 2009]
09. The Ladies - They Mean Us [Temporary Residence, 2006]
08. Team Sleep - Team Sleep [Maverick, 2005]
07. Crime in Choir - Crime in Choir [Omnibus, 2002]
06. Zach Hill and the Holy Smokes - Masculine Drugs [Suicide Squeeze, 2004]
05. Death Grips - The Powers That B [Third Worlds / Harvest, 2015]
04. Zach Hill and Mick Barr - Shred Earthship - [5 Rue Christine, 2006]
03. Zach Hill - Astrological Straits [Ipecac, 2008]
02. Hella - Church Gone Wild / Chirpin Hard [Suicide Squeeze, 2005]
01. Hella - Hold Your Horse Is [5 Rue Christine / Frenetic, 2002]


  1. Replies
    1. It was tough for me to leave off Face Tat but I assumed most people who are vaguely familiar with Zach's work have already heard that album. This list was mostly meant to highlight some of his more obscure releases.

  2. Hella - The Devil Isn't Red is a MUST. Better than 666 & Church Gone Wild both IMO.
    The Ladies - They Mean Us: Never understood how this album didn't get more attention considering how good it is and people involved being popular at the time. I never even see it even mentioned. They didn't really promote it I guess but I listen to it a lot to this day.

    1. The Devil Isn't Red is essential listening and I love everything Hella has done. I wanted to leave room on the list for other projects but it could have easily been a list of every Hella release because they are all incredible. Church Gone Wild is one of my favorite albums of all time. They Mean Us also fits that distinction.