Below are ten questions about the work of Zach Hill. Answer as many of these as possible and email responses to greenbricks444@gmail.com. Entries will be accepted until 03/15/14 11:59:59PM. The person who answers the most of these questions correctly will receive a vinyl copy of No Love Deep Web by Death Grips.

01. Hella's first release, Leather Diamond, was only available where?

02. Zach played drums in a project called ONIBABA which performed once. Mike Patton and J Lesser were the other two members, though one was not scheduled to perform; a different person was supposed to be in the group but could not make it and wound up being replaced by one of these two. Name the person that dropped out and their replacement.

03. An unknown musician sent demos to a record label who then gave them to Zach to help arrange into songs. They went on to work together for several albums. Name this musician.

04. Which album has the first collaboration between Zach and Andy Morin?

05. Which song from Hella's There's No 666 in Outer Space has never been performed live?

06. List all of Hella's releases that were recorded at Retrofit Recordings.

07. Who Do You Think You Aren't by Robby Moncrieff features Zach on drums. Songs from this album were initially released on myspace under what band name?

08. Zach has played many different instruments on various albums. Which song did he play trumpet on?

09. What is the date of the last time Zach performed with Boredoms/Vooredoms?

10. Which song by Death Grips has a sample from Street Fighter II?

Thank you for participating and for enjoying this website. The only reason it exists is because I think Zach is the greatest musician this world will ever know and I want everyone to have the most accurate information about his monumental and unprecedented career. 

I initially had twenty questions set for this test but it seemed like a bit much. I will do more of these in the future. Please do not try to win stuff and then try to make money on ebay because that is fucked.


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  2. Sorry, had to delete that post... email your answers to greenbricks444@gmail.com, thanks!

    1. Are my answers still eligible? or should I e-mail them?

    2. They are still eligible, please send an email.

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