Death Grips wrap up

Most people are well aware of the fact that Death Grips cancelled their tour. They played both of their Coachella dates but all others were called off in order to finish their next record, No Love. They have been steadily releasing new videos for songs off The Money Store. "Blackjack", "Get Got", "The Fever (Aye Aye)", "I've Seen Footage", "Hustle Bones" and "Double Helix" are the six that have videos, so far. Death Grips will be releasing a new song through the Adult Swim Singles Program on 09/10/12 and will be featured on the upcoming LP by The Bug.

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  1. Arcadia Tamarind7/16/12, 10:15 PM

    apparently locked in to actually get to Oz this time with dates on the Big Day Out in the new year...