RETROGRADE by Death Grips

Continuing with their pummeling barrage of incredible music, Death Grips has unveiled a new project called RETROGRADE which is a series of one-hundred nine different animated .gifs featuring music and video footage. This is something which needs to be experienced in order to obtain a full understanding, so go to thirdworlds.net/retrograde now.

For further information, read this excellent article and interview.

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  1. So how about them signing to Sony..? Pretty strange.

    "Theres no difference. It’s only going to change what we want it to change, naturally. We have a lot of ideas. We look at how we can expand our work and have more time to make the music itself."

    I don't know if they know what they're getting into. This is Zach's first time on a major, right? Really weird that they're essentially going to be label-mates with Odd Future.

    I hope it works out.