Loving HELLA by Aaron Ross

This fourth piece is from Aaron Ross of California. Any fan of Hella should know him as the vocalist and co-lyricist for the album There's No 666 in Outer Space. Aaron has a plethora of solo albums and is one half of Amaranth with Spencer Seim. The duo will be releasing their second album, The Beast of Both Worlds, later this year.

"the first time i heard hella was.. i don't know what year it was...but it was when they first started out cause they were selling burned cds that had a few rough cuts from hold your horse is...the show was at center of the arts in grass valley ca...they totaly blew my mind that night..and also i rememember some pretty epic shows in sacto at the capitol garage... one especialy with deerhoof..anyways this was all in the time when hold your horse is came out...so when it came out i was fully stoked! it's probabaly still my favorite record of theirs although i do love the double album."

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