Deerhoof box set includes new album by Nervous Cop

Deerhoof is the Joyful Noise Recordings Artist in Residence for 2017. They are releasing a box set full of new music by Deerhoof and their related side projects on limited edition vinyl. 

The first installment will consist of two split LPs, including the long lost Nervous Cop EP. This was recorded approximately eight years ago at A2B2 and features all members of Deerhoof performing with Zach Hill and Andy Morin.

The first Nervous Cop album, Nervous Cop, was released on CD by 5 Rue Christine on 11/04/03. Zach Hill and Greg Saunier played drums, with guests Johanna Newsom on classical harp and John Dieterich on electronics.

This new Nervous Cop release will represent the earliest known collaboration between Zach Hill and Andy Morin.



The I.L.Y's - new website

Approximately sixteen minutes ago, Andy Morin posted a link to the new website for The I.L.Y's. The homepage includes an embedded video called "I Didn't Think You Would Know", along with information about the band and links to various new social media accounts.


Zach announces Bodyguard by the i.l.y's

Four hours ago, Zach announced he and Andy Morin recently completed a new album by the i.l.y's entitled Bodyguard. It features guitar by Tristan Tozer of Drug Apartments. It is due to be released this year, along with a new website for the i.l.y's. This will be the third album by the band in three years.

the i.l.y's - I've always been good at true love

the i.l.y's - Scum With Boundaries


Zach Hill working with Dedekind Cut

Zach is featured on the upcoming Dedekind Cut EP, The Expanding Domain. It will be available via bandcamp on 02/24/17.


Death Grips - Fashion Week / Interview 2016 2xLP on Record Store Day

Fashion Week and Interview 2016 by Death Grips will be released via Third Worlds/Harvest as a double vinyl set on 11/25/16 as part of Record Store Day Black Friday. Although few details are known, new artwork is possible for this release.

Fashion Week was originally released on 01/04/15 and is only available in digital formats. 

Interview 2016 first came out as a video on 03/13/16, then as a digital EP on 03/22/16 and finally the cassette version on 04/05/16.



The Drum Thing by Dierdre O'Callaghan

After several years of work, The Drum Thing has been released by Prestel Publishing. This book compiles conversations Dierdre O'Callaghan conducted with drummers, along with many photographs she took. Zach is on the front cover and is the initial person featured in the book.

"The drummer is usually the least well-known member of any band. Yet behind every frontman is the person keeping the beat, and often acting as the music’s driving force. In these incredible portraits, Deirdre O’Callaghan places drummers squarely in the spotlight. Photographing her subjects in their private rehearsal spaces and residences—from studios, bedrooms and basements to garages and gardens—allows her to capture the true essence of their personalities and lifestyles. She has photographed almost 100 celebrated musicians for the book, including Ringo Starr, Questlove, Janet Weiss, Dave Grohl, Bobbye Hall, Lars Ulrich, Jack White, and Leah Shapiro. Each image is accompanied by excerpts from O’Callaghan’s personal conversations with the drummers. The result is a fascinating look at a truly diverse world made up of men and women from every walk of life, united by a single, emphatic passion."


Full list of upcoming Death Grips performances

09/14/16 Santa Ana, CA at The Observatory
09/16/16 New York, NY at Terminal 5 
09/18/16 Chicago, IL at Douglas Park as part of Riot Fest
09/24/16 San Francisco, CA at The Warfield

10/12/16 Belfast, IE at Limelight
10/13/16 Dublin, IE at The Academy
10/14/16 Glasgow, UK at Saint Luke's
10/16/16 Manchester, UK at Manchester Academy 3  
10/17/16 London, UK at Village Underground
10/18/16 London, UK at Village Underground

10/19/16 Brighton, UK at Coalition
10/21/16 Krakow, PL at Łaźnia Nowa as part of Unsound Festival
10/22/16 Bristol, UK at Colston Hall as part of Simple Things Festival
10/24/16 Prague, CZ at Meet Factory
10/25/16 Hamburg, DE at Uebel & Gafaehrlich
10/26/16 Cologne, DE at Stadtgarten
10/27/16 Berlin, DE at Berghain
10/29/16 London, UK at Roundhouse
10/30/16 Amsterdam, NL at Paradiso
10/31/16 Brussels, BE at AB Box
11/04/16 McDade, TX at Sherwood Forest Faire as part of Sound on Sound Fest
11/13/16 Los Angeles, CA at Exposition Park as part of Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival

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the i.l.y's - Scum With Boundaries

Approximately three hours ago, a new album by the i.l.y's was suddenly released. It is called Scum With Boundaries and contains the following eleven songs:

01. Disastrous Looks
02. Peace and Quiet
03. Stop Yelling in the Museum
04. Starts With a C Ends With a U
05. She's a Genius
06. Hey Mind Reader
07. Doing Things That Artists Do
08. Scum With Boundaries
09. Roll Your Eyes
10. I'm Gonna Have Sex
11. Spiral To Me