Death Grips Tour 2015

June 19, 2015 Seattle, WA The Showbox
June 20, 2015 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom
June 21, 2015 Portland, OR Roseland Theater
June 23, 2015 Salt Lake City, UT The Complex
June 24, 2015 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
June 26, 2015 Lawrence, KS Granada Theater
June 27, 2015 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
June 28, 2015 Madison, WI Majestic Theatre
June 30, 2015 Chicago, IL Metro
July  01, 2015 Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall
July  03, 2015 Toronto, ON Danforth Music Hall
July  04, 2015 Montreal, QC Virgin Mobile Corona Theatre
July  05, 2015 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club
July  07, 2015 New York, NY Webster Hall
July  10, 2015 Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer
July  11, 2015 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
July  12, 2015 Asheville, NC The Orange Peel
July  14, 2015 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade - Heaven Stage
July  15, 2015 New Orleans, LA One Eyed Jacks
July  17, 2015 Houston, TX Fitzgerald's
July  18, 2015 Austin, TX Mohawk
July  19, 2015 Dallas, TX Trees
July  21, 2015 Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theater
July  22, 2015 Tucson, AZ Rialto Theatre
July  23, 2015 Tempe, AZ Marquee Theatre
July  25, 2015 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore


Death Grips - The Powers That B

to be released on March 31, 2015
2xLP and 2xCD via Third Worlds/Harvest

Bull Moose - vinyl / cd
Amazon - vinyl / cd / digital
Harvest Records - cd / digital
Google Play - digital
iTunes - digital


Death Grips - The Powers That B - 2xLP pre-order

Death Grips
The Powers That B

Part 1: Niggas on the Moon
01. Up My Sleeves
02. Billy Not Really
03. Black Quarterback
04. Say Hey Kid
05. Have a Sad Cum BB
06. Fuck Me Out
07. Voila
08. Big Dipper

Part 2: Jenny Death
01. I Break Mirrors With My Face in the United States
02. Inanimate Sensation
03. Turned Off
04. Why A Bitch Gotta Lie
06. The Powers That B
07. Beyond Alive
08. Centuries of Damn
09. On GP
10. Death Grip 2.0 (CD version only)


Death Grips - Fashion Week (instrumental full-length soundtrack)

Approximately twenty-four minutes ago, Death Grips released Fashion Week (Instrumentals). They are calling it a "new instrumental full-length soundtrack" which could be the music meant for Zach's upcoming film, although that is unconfirmed.

There are fourteen songs on the album, each titled "Runway" followed by a single letter to spell the phrase JENNY DEATH WHEN.

Third Worlds: http://thirdworlds.net/files/death-grips-fashion-week.zip 
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/deathgrips/sets/death-grips-fashion-week
youtube: http://youtu.be/D0oD3r1nNMs


Exmilitary re-released on cassette

Ormolycka first released Exmilitary on cassette on 07/25/11, then Death Grips released it on cassette with different artwork on 09/19/11. Ormolycka has made a third cassette pressing, which is available now.


Death Grips - Government Plates to be released on vinyl

Death Grips released Government Plates, strictly digitally, on 11/13/13. On 11/28/14, the album will be released as a limited edition 12" LP. 900 copies are being pressed for Black Friday/Record Store Day and it comes with a reproduction of the license plate image from the front cover. Following No Love Deep Web on CD and LP, this is the second release from Third Worlds/Harvest.


Death Grips featuring Björk - Niggas on the Moon (The Powers That B, Part 1)

Fifteen minutes ago, Death Grips unveiled a new release called Niggas on the Moon and Björk is on every song. This is the first part of their upcoming double album, The Powers That B, coming out in 2014 via Harvest/Third Worlds. The second part, Jenny Death, has not been released yet.

DOWNLOAD: Third Worlds / mega.co.nz
STREAM: soundcloud / youtube



The first Zach Hill Test has ended! Thank you very much to everyone who entered, I hope it was fun for all. Here are the answers, followed by the announcement of the winner.

01. Hella's first release, Leather Diamond, was only available where? At Hella's early shows

02. Zach played drums in a project called ONIBABA which performed once. Mike Patton and J Lesser were the other two members, though one was not scheduled to perform; a different person was supposed to be in the group but could not make it and wound up being replaced by one of these two. Name the person that dropped out and their replacement: Kid 606 couldn't make it, J Lesser replaced him.

03. An unknown musician sent demos to a record label who then gave them to Zach to help arrange into songs. They went on to work together for several albums. Name this musician: Marnie Stern

04. Which album has the first collaboration between Zach and Andy Morin? Aggressively Humble by CHLL PLL (Recorded, mastered and co-mixed by Andy Morin)

05. Which song from Hella's There's No 666 in Outer Space has never been performed live? "Hand That Rocks the Cradle"

06. List all of Hella's releases that were recorded at Retrofit Recordings: The Devil Isn't Red, Church Gone Wild, There's No 666 in Outer Space, Homeboy (drums), "Stephen Hawking Has a Posse" (drums)

07. Who Do You Think You Aren't by Robby Moncrieff features Zach on drums. Songs from this album were initially released on myspace under what band name? Conrad Zeus

08. Zach has played many different instruments on various albums. Which song did he play trumpet on? "Young Man's Blues" by Holy Smokes / "Unseen Forces" by Zach Hill

09. What is the date of the last time Zach performed with Boredoms/Vooredoms? 02/27/11 Tokyo, Japan at Studio Coast as part of All Tomorrow's Parties' I'll Be Your Mirror series

10. Which song by Death Grips has a sample from Street Fighter II? "Poser Killer"

Question 08: I had "Young Man's Blues" in mind but overlooked the fact that "Unseen Forces" from Astrological Straits has trumpet by Zach. Either answer was accepted.
Question 09: It was brought to my attention that Zach did NOT perform on 11/11/11 with Vooredoms. Hisham Bharoocha, co-ordinator and musician at all Boadrum events, confirmed this via a person who was in attendance at the event. I thought he did play on 11/11/11 and had this information on the site; because this was incorrect, the question was disqualified. This did not effect the outcome of the contest.

(I sincerely apologize for the errors mentioned in the notes. I'm going to do more contests in the future which will be free of mistakes.)

The winner of this contest is...... Koko B Ware!!! I am not sure if this is the legendary wwf wrestler from the 80s or if it's someone using his name as an alias. Either way, congratulations are in order. "Koko" racked up a perfect score of 9 correct answers! He will receive one vinyl copy of No Love Deep Web by Death Grips.

Again, huge thanks to everyone who wrote in with answers. I look forward to more tests!